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B:\pack\1998\IPH-002\ by inphamilair onInterphaze

ansi   255D                                                       sss                 
                                            ss    s                             
                                        sS           i   s                      
                                           i   s     sS  i                      
                             sS    Ss      sS  i                                
                            i   S      s               i                        
                     s       i  S   7                                           
                           s      s            i         sssss                  
                s    s   s   s  S   ss              sSS     S                   
                       s       s       S      sSS                               
           s s    s      s       i       sS                                     
          s          s              sS      S                                   
                      i        sS     S                                         
    s          s s         sS                                                   
 s  i                   sS                                                      
    s      s  S      sS                                                         
     s            sS                                                            
       s       sS                                                               
             s    i                                                             
     i     sS                                                                   
       sS                                            i T RPH Z   iPH            
                         X   GUESS WHAT       X                                 
os ent this Death good ansee look like every lame sysop could ripp and then    u
se it at he s board    Yes   i think so  but these ansee is not rippable       h
uu       jo JUST cant ripp it    Okee  u can  but if one of my crew members    w
ill se it you are in BIG TROUBLE     and i mean B I G  T R O U B L E            
nyway  stop reading up the ansee rulez  and talk about tha screen              I
m using this ansee on MY BOARD     MY BOARD    and it fits in quite good       T
ook me quite some time to draw  it whas a real nasty one to draw  jeah         w
hy   ah stop ha    don t have time to that faqin questions now                  
ating  80   reg  by  TO MY BOARD  Logo  LOGOFF  Date  1997 07 30  Time  17 23