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B:\pack\2005\GF-05\ onGrim Fandango

                                 GRiM FANDANGO                                  
                      ARTPACK  5  Lost in Translation                           
               Loop the soundtrack  relax and dive into the                     
               great melody                                                     
            Hi everybody  Welcome to GF s artpack number five                   
           Yooppii  Applause     Ah  you know i m kidding  But                  
           yes  it s my 5rd pack and I think  it s better than                  
           previous  Why  Lost in Translation   Good question                   
           maybe because my english is not perfect    or maybe                  
           because of the movie with the same title  that I am                  
           watching right now                                                   
           As usual you will find here ascii and hirez  As  you                 
           see  nothing special  I included the soundtrack just                 
           to show you the original atmosphere    Of course you                 
           won t understand me completely    Sorry  some things                 
           are lost in translation                                              
           As I said  nothing special  A usual 5rd artpack of a                 
           usual Grim Fandango                                                  
           I m  opened  for requests  If  you need ascii Os  or                 
           hirez   mail me                                                      
           Nothing more    nothing less                                         
           And now let s greet some ppl                                         
           tomek  jazzman  maxxtro  cluster and lapych  Thanks                  
           for everything                                                       
            The only thing necessary for triumph of evil is for                 
            good men to do nothing                                              
                                          Edmund Burke                          
                              Contact tcatnoC                                   
                       mail  liquid heaven gmail com                            
                         site  www fandango org                                 
                          irc   team 53 irc by                                  
                              GRiM  FANDANGO                                    
                             asciiart made by