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B:\pack\2013\BLOCKTRONICS_SPACE_INVADERS\ by Luciano onBlocktronics

  25 Lines   X TREME BBS Wildcat Template                      LOG ON SCREEN    
                                               X TReMe BBS                      
                                               o  The Doctor                    
                                                 Made in Belgium                
  25 Lines   X TREME BBS Wildcat Template                                       
       X TReMe BBS                                                              
  25 Lines   X TReMe BBS Wildcat Template                          MAIN MENU    
        MAIN MENU                                                               
           Global Mail        U  Upload File s        R  Read Mail              
        QWK  Offline Mail     D  Download File s      ML  MailList              
        N  New File s         F  List Files           A  Tagged Files           
        L  User List          J  Join Conference      Z  Find File s            
        S  Your Stats         CF  Conf Settings       W  Your Settings          
                              T  Current Time         I  Information            
                                                      X  X pert Mode            
                              B  Bulletines           O  Yell On Sysop          
                              WHO  Who s Online       E  Write Mail             
                              OPEN  Open Doors        C  Write To Sysop         
                              V  View TxT File s      H  Help                   
 zO                                                      Main Menu              
                                                      G  Goodbye                
  25 Lines   X TREME BBS Wildcat Template             MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION    
                             X TReMe BBS                                        
                        MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION RECORDED                         
                        Your membership application has been recorded  but      
                        it will probably take The Doctor about 24 hours         
                        before a verdict has been reached                       
                        Please be patient  and place a call tomorrow            
                        However  if you didn t answer all the questions         
                        don t be suprised if your membership application        
                        has been Denied                                         
                         Thank you for your co operation                        
                         The Doctor  sysop                                      
  25 Lines   X TREME BBS Wildcat Template                     GENERIC SCREEN    
                                  X TReMe BBS                               zO  
  25 Lines   X TREME BBS Wildcat Template                     GENERIC SCREEN    
                              THANKS FOR VISITING                               
  25 Lines   X TREME BBS Wildcat Template                           BBS NEWS    
              X TReMe BBS                                  03 07 2013           
         Welcome to X TReMe Bulletin Board System                               
         Change the BBS name from Exodus BBS to X TReMe BBS                     
         As you can see we are running now PC Express a real Amiga              
         clone BBS Soft                                                         
         I have install the doors LORD and Dark Lands again  you can            
         now play it with a X TReMe BBS account here                            
         I have made a new door for PC Express BBS    AnsiView you              
         can view ANSI screens online                                           
  25 Lines   X TREME BBS Wildcat Template                           BULLETIN    
              X TReMe BBS                                                       
  25 Lines   X TREME BBS Wildcat Template                          NETSERIAL    
                                      The NetSerial software for Windows     zO 
                                      creates Virtual Modems  allowing          
                                      all DOS or Windows BBS software to        
                                      accept telnet connections from a          
                                       Wait for Call  screen                    
                                      A telnet server is not needed             
                                      and NetSerial works with or with or       
                                      without a fossil driver                   
    NetSerial allows DOS terminals or front end mailers to dial a hostname      
    or IP Address instead of a phone number  supporting AT modem commands       
    such as ATDT to dial  and ATA to answer calls                               
             PC Micro offers special pricing just for BBS Sysops                
        25 for 256 nodes  and their NetFoss fossil driver is freeware           
         For more info about NetSerial   http   pcmicro com NetSerial           
  25 Lines   X TREME BBS Wildcat Template                         PC EXPRESS    
                  X TReMe BBS   PC EXPRESS WORLD HEADQUARTERS                   
    WHAT IS PC EXPRESS C                                                        
    PC Express c  is a host Bulletin Board System that allows the transfer      
    of data between host and remote terminals via a telephone connection        
    These data can be files that are uploaded to or downloaded from the         
    database from the BBS to the remote  user end   In the BBS is a             
    message base where you can read leave messages from to other people         
    REGISTER PC EXPRESS                                                         
    The registration price for a key for PC Express is 45 USD or 35 Euros       
    You can register through Paypal on the e mail address                       
    rudi timmer gmail com                                                       
    Your PC Express registration key will be sent                               
    after the payment confirmation  Thank you                                   
  25 Lines   X TREME BBS Wildcat Template                       SYSTEM RULES    
           X TReMe BBS is available to authorised members only  any person      
     1     gaining unauthorised access by impersonating another user  or        
           by giving false information is classed as a HACKER                   
           Hacking will  not  be  tolerated and any such person does not        
           have my permission to use this system                                
           Bad  language is not tolerated on this system as it can cause        
    2      offence  to  others  Repeating the offence after being warned        
           will  result in yourself being removed from this system              
           This also  applies  to  echomail  written  by  yourself unless       
           the echo s rules state otherwise   Several  areas  on the            
           BBS are exempt from this rule                                        
  X Treme BBS Headers                                                           
                                           MESSAGE HEADER                       
  X Treme BBS Header                                                            
  X Treme BBS Header                                                            
  X Treme BBS Header