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B:\pack\2013\BLOCKTRONICS_SPACE_INVADERS\ onBlocktronics

                  D1AMONDA L1SA   jamie martindel                               
                                  luciano ayreszo                               
                                  ivan segaricavg                               
eviews from the nazi i mean anzi queen herself                                  
i can t help thinking the highlights on the cheeks look really odd              
the background looks abit odd to me and i dont like the logo much               
just the trees seem a bit out of place                                          
i think the the chick appears a bit plan and two dimensional compared to it     
she looks like a geekied teacher version of lara croft to me  ansi could       p
erhaps be more  busy                                                            
just the logo at the bottom isn t my very favourite                             
the only thing that i feel like could possibly be better is the sky             
perhaps even a bit too messy for my tastes                                      
though somehow i feel like they could have blended better with the logo         
some parts feel a but too solid while others are bordering messy and there are a
 few places that i feel are missing antialiasing  the nose of the chick looks  s
lightly too sharp to me