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B:\pack\2013\BLOCKTRONICS_SPACE_INVADERS\ by The Creep Fever onBlocktronics

                                                                I ll bleed      
   Q uestion Master                                              u out pig      
   A ttack                                                                      
   V iew Heroes                                                                 
   R etreat                                                                     
                                                   Archangel Deterrence         
                                                   B argain Legendaries         
                                                   S urrender Epic              
                                                   Y our Stats  R etreat        
                                                 You sit next to the head       
                                                 that smells of dried blood     
                                                  I was once a beautiful        
                                                 young woman and I              
                                                  You sure ain t now   you      
                                                 interrupt rudely               
                                                  Save your sarcasm  My         
                                                 name is Olivia  I was          
                                                 accused of witchcraft and      
                                                 beheaded without trial         
                                          King Hawks Weaponry                   
                               Weapon                            Price          
                               1  Stick                                  200    
                               2  Dagger                               1 000    
                               3  Short Sword                          3 000    
                               4  Long Sword                          10 000    
                               5  Huge Axe                            30 000    
                               6  Bone Cruncher                      100 000    
                               7  Twin Swords                        150 000    
                               8  Power Axe                          200 000    
                               9  Able s Sword                       400 000    
                              10  Wan s Weapon                     1 000 000    
                              11  Spear Of Gold                    4 000 000    
                              12  Crystal Shard                   10 000 000    
                              13  Niras s Teeth                   40 000 000    
                              14  Blood Sword                    100 000 000    
                              15  Death Sword                    400 000 000    
tcf                                 Accursed be he that first invented war      
  BLACK  LAG   CREEPY EVENT                                                     
  Your quest is interrupted by a strange noise                                  
  The eerie howl seems to be coming from a nearby                               
  You reach the castle and fight to the tower                                   
 Blindly slashing at any who stand in your path                                 
    screaming to find the prisoner you seek                                     
           the jailer of your heart         tcf                                 
 King Hawks Arsenal                                                             
B id  S ell  R efrain                                                           
id someone say Thunderfury  Blessed Blade of the Windseeker          tcf        
                       A SPECIAL EVENT                                          
                     You are interrupted by                                     
                     the sound of many tiny                                     
                     voices squealing in                                        
                    delight  It seems you ve                                    
                   happened upon a group of                                     
                   beautiful little  AIRIES                                     
                   bathing each other