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B:\pack\2013\BLOCKTRONICS_SPACE_INVADERS\ by Filth & Luciano & The Creep Fever onBlocktronics

              Blocktronics Space Invaders                               tcf     
                  Get Shit On Nerds  Aug 28 2013                                
     article line description                                                   
     000ILINE0080Art Release Information                                        
     00IILINE0195Members List   Websites                                        
     0IIILINE0332How to join Blocktronics                                       
     00IVLINE0351ANSi Art Resources                                             
     000VLINE0389ANSi Facebook Groups                                           
     00VILINE0412Web   Telnet BBS List                  PRESS START             
     0VIILINE0468Wisdom with Joshua Hillyard                                    
     VIIILINE056316 Colors Review                                               
     00IXLINE057816 Colors Top 5 Pics                                           
     000XLINE060016 Colors Top 5 Fonts                                          
     00XILINE0623Blocktronics Artist Statistics                                 
    000ILINE0080Art Release Information                                         
    The following by Fever                                                      
    Hello  welcome to Blocktronics third art release of 2013  Space             
    Invaders   We didn t know how we would successfully follow the              
    ridiculously good Blocktronics 16 Colors artpack released June 28th         
    but it has been done  This release exceeds that on in quantity              
    quality  originality so surely our 6th art release in October will be       
    total shit  A lot of old faces have returned to amaze us this month         
    with a fresh take on the medium  2m  MattMatthew   for example  has         
    returned and created some amazing pieces  He represented Blocktronics       
    in the EVOKE2013 textmode competition  placed 2nd after 15 years off        
    You might remember 2m as TS of TEKLORDZ                                     
    Pandur  pn  joined us for this release and he also competed in EVOKE2013    
    Pandur placed 6th with his  buggy owl  submission  He is an extremely       
    creative dude formerly of Black Maiden  Search sixteencolors net for        
    Pandur to see more of his older works                                       
    sk n has allowed us to release some of his amazing amiga asciis  He         
    chose 30 asciis and they can be found in the art of sk n zip file  They     
    are already screen capped in jpg format so you don t have to change         
    your textmode viewer to amiga to see them properly  Thanks again sk n       
    We have several guest releases this pack  tons of joint artwork             
    productions  and a few other first time Blocktronics releasers              
    RaD Man has 6 pieces in this release and if nothing else in this entire     
    release amazes you  that should  However  I know that there s going to      
    be a lot of things in SPACE INVADERS that is going to blow your fucking     
    mind  Like cow ans                                                          
    I want to cover some other activities that we ve been involved in over      
    the past couple of months                                                   
    EVOKE2013   One of the best showings for textmode at EVOKE in years         
                if not ever  Several BLOCKTRONICS artists stepped up and        
                entered this annual competition in Germany  BLOCKTRONICS        
                artist FILTH THE DESTROYER took the grand prize                 
                MattMatthew was a very close second  Misfits  Cortez            
                the Killer pic was fourth  A joint by Spear  Enzo  Knoc         
                and Avenging Angel  5th  Pandur 6th with Buggy Owl  AVG s       
                EVOKE 2013 ansi finished 8th  losing to a simple bee ascii      
                and showing me there is still some laughable bias there  the    
                reason I never enter  DiamonDie finished 9th  nearly            
                besting AVG  Misfit s Under the Black Flag ansi rounded         
                out the top 10  another tragedy at the compo  Cleaner           
                placed 12th  It was really nice to see this great show          
                come together and the great work by the hosts  Thanks           
    BLOCKTRONICS IN CHINA   On August 7 there was a live gallery for            
                printed ansis in Beijing  China called ACE2013  Visit           
                ansiart org to see more information and a gallery related       
                to the Eastern art scene  Blocktronics was invited to           
                participate as an example of Western ansi art  It was an        
                honor and a priveledge to have our work printed and             
                displayed at ACE2013  Thank you to ISTAR for supporting         
                Blocktronics  The ansis that were displayed were                
                ungenannt leviathan  sm dali  and TCF   13   Wolverine          
    Sixteen Colors  Archiving the Evolution of ANSI and ASCII                   
    BSides Las Vegas On August 1  2013  Doug Moore spoke on behalf of           
                Sixteen Colors ANSI scene history  a little part art history    
                and a little part Sixteen Colors history  This is the           
                link to the video presentation   http   bit ly 19BuIDU          
    The Blocktronics world tour continues in Pittsburg  PA this October         
    4th and 5th at DEMOSPLASH  Visit demosplash org for details  Expected       
    attendees are Filth  LordScarlet  Misfit  This is your chance to meet       
    all of your 2nd favorite Blocktronics artists and get them to               
    autograph your laptop monitors with a permanent sharpie                     
    That s it for me this time around friends  It has been an awesome           
    couple of months and a lot of time spent being harrassed by doodleboys      
    and a lot of time spent in this fucking info file  Thanks   fever tcf       
    The following by ENZO                                                       
    Aristotle said the aim of art is to represent not the outward               
    appearance of things  but their inward significance  This is also valid     
    for the artist  An artwork allows you to view the world with the            
    artists  eyes  but you re free to interpret and connect it with             
    your own experiences and emotions                                           
    Blocktronics started as a group and now powered by all these amazing        
    artists became a life style  A creative movement made by incredible         
    people passionated about sharing their unique view of the world and         
    feed viewers  souls with genuine  and new  emotions                         
    As Henri Matise once said  creativity takes courage and I congratulate      
    all of you that made this artpack possible  You re the bravest people       
    I know and I feel blessed to be one of you sharing the same love for        
    ANSi art  The Blocktronics dream is made possible by your sincere love      
    and dedication                                                              
    This group belongs to everyone passionated about art and feel an            
    irresistible urge to create or just admire good and fresh artworks  I       
    hope you enjoy this moment as much as we did creating it                    
    enzO zO                                                                     
     If you hear a voice within you say  you cannot paint   then by all         
     means paint  and that voice will be silenced                               
     Vincent Van Gogh                                                           
    00IILINE0195Members List   Websites                                         
    ABR Nickname       Real Name          Website                               
    2m  Mattmatthew    Matthew Yee        Matt Yee on Behance                   
                       Hawaii  USA        behance net mattmatthew               
    ab  Abdully Wahaa  Unknown            Guest Artist                          
    ad  Access Denied  Nick Boel          Pharcyde BBS                          
                       Wisconsin  USA     bbs pharcyde org                      
    ao  AOX            Unknown            Guest Artist                          
    avg Avenging Angel Ivan Segaric       Apple                                 
                       Australia          www apple com                         
    biz Bizarro        Mikael Aspling     Artist                                
    bw  Binary Walker  Florian Ochmann    Artist                                
    bym Big Yellow Man Fredrick Olsson    Artist                                
    cap Captain Hood   Hawk Hubbard       Black  lag BBS                        
                       Florida  USA       blackflag acid org                    
    cl  Cleaner        Frederic Cambus    Cleaner untergrund net                
                       Germany            cleaner untergrund net                
    cr  Cryogenic      Karl Grenet        Artist                                
    cx  Cyonx          Pat Swanson        Artist                                
                       Raleigh  NC  USA                                         
    del Delicious      Jamie Martin       Live Jamie                            
                       Arizona  USA       livejamie com                         
    eto ETO            Curtis Wensley     Picoe Software Solutions              
                       Vancouver  Canada  picoe ca                              
    fil Filth          Joshua Hillyard    Distortion BBS                        
                       Pennsylvania  USA  http   d1st org                       
    gj  Grymmjack      Rick Christy       Artist                                
                       Michigan  USA                                            
    h7  h7             Antii Kiuru        Haciend BBS                           
                       Helsinki  Finland  haciend bbs fi                        
    jp  Jack Phlash    Jay Phillips       Distortion BBS                        
                       Tennessee  USA     http   d1st org                       
    k1  Knocturnal     Unknown            Artist                                
                       Georgia  USA                                             
    ls  Lord Scarlet   Doug Moore         Sixteen Colors                        
                       Washington D C     sixteencolors net                     
    mi  Mongi          Patrick Liu        twitter com pottan                    
                       Stockholm  Sweden                                        
    mt  Misfit         James Bodie        Bodhi Tree Studio Tattoos Illustr     
                       West Virginia  USA facebook com Bodhi Tree Studio        
    no  Noches         Unknown            Artist                                
    ns  Ansichrist     Unknown            Artist                                
    pn  Pandur         Thomas Kombuechen  tom drastic net                       
                       Berlin  Germany    tom drastic net                       
    rad RaD Man        Christian Wirth    ACiD Productions                      
                       California  USA    facebook com ACiD Productions         
    rod Rodamned       Rodman Lau         Artist                                
                       Connecticut  USA                                         
    ret Retribution    Hingle McCringleberry Artist                             
                       Kentucky  USA                                            
    sk n art of sk n   Michael Hischer    art of sk n ascii artist              
                       Berlin  Germany    DeZign   The Way We Walk  FB          
    sm  Smoke          Yahwe Chao         Artist                                
                       California  USA                                          
    sm  Smooth         Lawrence Tony Manuel Artist                              
                       California  USA                                          
    sp  Spear          Mark Pendell       Artist                                
                       New York  USA                                            
    sph Sephiroth      Hin Hale           Artist                                
    sz  Skuz           Leslie Given       Fluph BBS                             
                       West Virginia  USA fluph darktech org                    
    tcf Fever          Aaron Frick        Aaron Frick Art                       
                       Georgia  USA       facebook com aaronfrickart            
    tna The Night AngelAlexandre M nard   Artist                                
    txt Textmode Exorcist Keith Nadolny   Artist                                
                       New York  USA                                            
    ung Ungenannt      Unknown            Artist                                
                       Georgia  USA                                             
    zii ZeusII         Joel B rjel        Artist                                
    zO  Enzo           Luciano Ayres      Artist                                
    Members  if you would like any information added or omitted in future       
    releases send said information to Aaron Frick or frick insidehoops net      
    0IIILINE0332How to join Blocktronics                                        
    You can become a member of Blocktronics by speaking to Luciano Ayres        
    aka Enzo on Facebook  We have a secret FB group with a very large           
    amount of scene and art related activity posted on a regular basis          
    They also discuss other interesting topics such as koala bears and          
    twerking  The only two requirements of membership are an interest in        
    low resolution art and don t be a shitty person  Being a shitty artist      
    is fine  avg  but not a shitty person  If you would rather lay low and      
    draw without bothering to join send guest submissions to Aaron Frick        
    or Luciano Ayres  Email submissions are accepted by frick insidehoops net   
    00IVLINE0000ANSi Art Drawing Resources                                      
    Here are links to your ANSi art drawing resources                           
    Pablodraw 3 1   Pablodraw v 3 1 is an ANSi ASCii text and RIPscrip          
                    vector graphic art editor viewer with multi user            
                    capabilities  PabloDraw uses the awesome Eto Forms          
                    cross platform framework to provide native UI for           
                    Windows  OS X  and Linux  Mac                               
                    Features   Draw ANSI and ASCII with your mouse              
                               Load   save 24 bit colour ANSi files             
                               New configurable ANSI ASCII brush                
                               New colour brush                                 
                               New text drawing tools  pencil  line  circle     
                                                       box  ink dropper         
                               Many Amiga and DOS fonts added                   
                               Bug fixes                                        
    Blocktronics org   A very in depth website with Blocktronics services       
                       links  art requests  tutorials  art releases  and        
                       much fucking more                                        
    Sixteen Colors   Sixteencolors net is the most comprehensive collection     
                     of low resolution textmode art in the world  Download      
                     artpacks from 1990 to current or view them online          
    Syncterm   syncterm bbsdev net  a telnet client to visit the bulletin       
               board systems listed below  I recommend visiting through a       
               web browser if the sysop has made that option available          
    000VLINE0000ANSi Facebook Groups                                            
    Here are some Facebook groups Blocktronics members are currently            
    involved with in some way  Some of these groups might be private or         
    secretive so you have to know a member  listed above  to gain access        
    Arrows Page Name Description Relevance Stars                                
       Ansi  Ascii artists worldwide    Closed group  Invite only               
       ACiD Productions   Public page  Open                                     
       ACiD   Secret group  Invite only                                         
       Blocktronics   Open to the public group found through search             
       BLOCKTRONICS   Secret  members only group  Invite only                   
       DeZign   The Way We Walk  Ascii   Ansi Art    Open page                  
       iCE   iCE art group Open Page                                            
       Sixteen Colors ANSI Art and ASCII Art Archive   Open page                
    00VILINE0000Web   Telnet BBS List                                           
    Most of these boards can be visited via web browser and also have           
    Facebook pages you can search for with more information                     
    Arrows BBS Name Sysop Address                                               
       After Hours Greg Youngblood Telnet   afterhours bbs com                  
       BLOCKTRONICS FELLOWSHIP                                                  
       Distortion Jack Phlash Telnet   d1st org                                 
       Web Connect  http   d1st org                                             
       BLOCKTRONICS ARTIST BOARD Demonic WHQ Zeronet WHQ                        
       Fluph Skuz Telnet   fluph darktech org                                   
       Web Connect  fluph bbsnexus com                                          
       BLOCKTRONICS MEMBER BOARD                                                
       LOCAL TO MISFIT                                                          
       Haciend El Bananas BBS H7 Telnet   Haciend bbs fi                        
       Web Connect  http   haciend bbs fi                                       
       BLOCKTRONICS WORLD HEADQUARTERS 27iNCH Divine Stylers Mimic              
       Damones Hirmu Impure Ascii Innate Ascii Aerosol Ascii Sense              
       Imagery Wamma Ducksquad Finland HQ Accession Alpha Design                
       Dekadence Spaceballs Primitive WHQ                                       
       Hazard 2 Smoke Telnet   Hazard2 org                                      
       BLOCKTRONICS ARTIST BOARD                                                
       Ink2 Smooth                                                              
       BLOCKTRONICS ARTIST BOARD                                                
       Pharcyde Access Denied Telnet   bbs pharcyde org                         
       Web Connect  http   pharcyde org                                         
       BLOCKTRONICS ARTIST BOARD                                                
       Trans Canada BBS Dimitri Papadopoulos                                    
       BLOCKTRONICS FELLOWSHIP                                                  
       Under the Black Flag Captain Hood Telnet   blackflag acid org            
       Web Connect  blackflag bbsnexus com  connect                             
       BLOCKTRONICS MEMBER BOARD ACiD Florida Outpost ACiDiC WHQ                
       Agoranet US Eastern Hub DeZign USHQ Blocktronics and Sixteen             
       Colors Support                                                           
       X TReMe BBS The Doctor Telnet   xtremebbs flnet org                      
       BLOCKTRONICS FELLOWSHIP                                                  
    0VIILINE0000Blocktronics Wisdom with Joshua Hillyard                        
    Here are some status updates from Filth                                     
      i know that most people will agree that rocky IV is the best in the       
      franchise  there s a lot to like  80 s us russia propaganda  rocky        
      seeking vengeance  and then rocky bridging the gap between two heated     
      nations by beating ivan drago and winning the hearts of the fine          
      folks in russia  oh yeah  and james brown                                 
      but it seems to be TOO awesome and distracts us of one strange part       
      of the story  i never really thought about it until now  but there s      
      the whole mini story of rocky buying his pal paulie a robot  but          
      really it s more of a cyborg that s capable of understanding spoken       
      commands  and mimicking human emotions  we re so caught up in all the     
      boxing action that we sort of don t bother thinking about the fact        
      that there s an out of place sci fi situation in a movie about            
      boxing  THE ROBOT CAN MIMIC PEOPLE                                        
      i ve hit the three year mark of no booze  however  i ve found that i      
      do go on extreme mp3 and mobile app benders  i ll spend hours on a        
      downloading binge  and wake up the next day with no recollection of       
      downloading things like the first two TLC albums  ahh well                
      i ain t too proud to beg                                                  
      my friends  seven year old daughter explained to me today the reason      
      behind why sometimes when you go into a dark room and turn on a           
      light  the bulb quickly goes out  because there are ghosts in the         
      room and they don t like the lights on  so they break the bulb to         
      keep it dark                                                              
      my first thought was  oh  well now  that s just the dearest thing         
      but on my way home i kept thinking about all those movies about           
      ghosts that talk to children  by the time i got home i had myself so      
      worked up over this  one of my greatest fears in life are ghost           
      children  i almost knocked over the coffee maker fumbling for the         
      kitchen light thinking  PLEASE DON T GO OUT   PLEASE DON T FLICKER        
      OFF WHEN I TURN YOU ON    but don t worry  i m okay                       
      from time to time i still have severe night terrors jolting me awake      
      and screaming from horrendous nightmares about how much Boondock          
      Saints 2 sucks                                                            
      I met Jerome Bettis tonight at work  He shook my hand and said  Woah      
      I like that hair do  Maybe I should try that out sometime   and sort      
      of chuckled  It was everything I imagined it would be                     
      i did something for the first time  ever  today  bought my own            
      umbrella  seems like everywhere i ve lived there was always an            
      umbrella stashed in some closet  so i went all out and bought a           
      super classy  14 99 umbrella  when ya go  ya go big  something            
      else i did for the first time  ever  today  jammed a  14 99               
      umbrella into a garbage can  seems  14 99 umbrellas and kites are         
      made out of the same material  they say you can t see teardrops           
      in the rain  but you know what you can see  some jerkwad fighting         
      a  14 99 umbrella on the rainy streets and losing  being a grownup        
      is hard sometimes                                                         
      you know who probably hates mondays more than anyone else ever            
      the woman in the movie Office Space who had the popular line              
       Looks like someone has a case of the mun days   she most likely          
      heard that quote at every single place she ever went to in                
      public  every single day                                                  
      waiting in a slow checkout line can be a slight annoyance                 
      luckily  i have a little piece of humanity that enables me                
      to NOT let it destroy my life  i can t say the same for the guy in        
      front of me who is doing that annoyed customer interpretive dance         
      that goes a little something like this                                    
      i also have a good feeling he s one of those people that will look        
      over his shoulder to make brief eye contact with me then stare            
      at the floor in my direction and mumble something else about the          
      performance of the poor kid at the register and hoping i m on board       
      with him and his crusade to endure this horrible joan of arc              
      situation he s making it out to be                                        
      i m assuming he and the bag of muddy buddy chex mix he has clutched       
      in his shaking hands have some serious business to attend to              
    VIIILINE000016 Colors Review by DD                                          
    Wow  this art pack was really huge  Must have taken you ages  Some          
    parts feel a bit too solid while others are bordering on messy and          
    there are a few places that I feel are missing antialiasing  but            
    it s still very good  The nose of the  bin guy looks a slightly too         
    sharp to me  Obviously  you don t know anything about art                   
    00IXLINE000016 Colors Top 5 Pics                                            
    Based on Blocktronics members and artists voting                            
    Congratulations to these guys for their fan favorites in our very           
    own B7 popularity contest                                                   
    Rank Artist Votes Received Artwork                                          
    5 Rodamned         05 Votes   rod theGrid                                   
    4 Misfit           07 Votes   mt bonsai heart                               
    3 Avenging Angel   09 Votes   avg 16c                                       
    3 Fever            09 Votes   TCF   13   Wolverine Battle                   
    3 Ungenannt        09 Votes   ungenannt itsover                             
    2 Fever            13 Votes   TCF   16   Colors                             
    1 Ungenannt        18 Votes   ungenannt leviathon                           
    000XLINE060016 Colors Top 5 Fonts                                           
    Based on Blocktronics members and artists voting                            
    Congratulations to these guys for their fan favorites in our very           
    own B7 popularity contest                                                   
    Rank Artist Votes Received Artwork                                          
    4 Fever            03 Votes   TCF   06   Vii3                               
    4 Fever            03 Votes   TCF   08   Pharcyde                           
    4 Smoke            03 Votes   sm crisis                                     
    3 Knocturnal       04 Votes   k1 bflag                                      
    2 Fever            06 Votes   TCF   02   b7                                 
    2 Spear AVG        06 Votes   we spearcameback                              
    1 Avenging Angel   09 Votes   avg tna2013                                   
    1 Knocturnal       09 Votes   k1 alove                                      
    00XILINE0623Blocktronics Artist Statistics                                  
    I m a little bit of a stats nerd  Whatever you wanna call it                
    but I think statistics can be fun and even sometimes motivating             
    Here are some Blocktronics artist stats  Coolness                           
    Artist Artworks Released Votes Recieved                                     
    2M  011 00 VOTES    Top 10 by releases   Blocktronics Contest               
    70  008 00 VOTES                                                            
    AD  001 00 VOTES    1 AVG 058            Rank Entrants   Points             
    AES 004 00 VOTES    2 ZO  039            1    NA       0        0           
    AO  002 00 VOTES    3 K1  038            2    NA       0        0           
    AVG 058 28 VOTES    4 TCF 028            3    NA       0        0           
    BIZ 008 04 VOTES    5 BW  026            4    NA       0        0           
    BW  026 00 VOTES    6 ZV  022            5    NA       0        0           
    BYM 006 00 VOTES    7 FIL 014            6    NA       0        0           
    CL  005 00 VOTES    8 H7  013            7    NA       0        0           
    CRY 003 00 VOTES    9 TXT 012            8    NA       0        0           
    CX  002 00 VOTES    9 RET 012            9    NA       0        0           
    DEL 006 00 VOTES    0 2M  011            10   NA       0        0           
    FIL 014 00 VOTES                         11   NA       0        0           
    H7  013 01 VOTES                         12   NA       0        0           
    JP  005 00 VOTES                         13   NA       0        0           
    K1  038 24 VOTES                         14   NA       0        0           
    LS  001 00 VOTES                         15   NA       0        0           
    MI  008 00 VOTES                         16   NA       0        0           
    MOS 003 00 VOTES                         17   NA       0        0           
    MT  006 08 VOTES                         18   NA       0        0           
    N4  003 00 VOTES                         19   NA       0        0           
    NO  009 02 VOTES                         20   NA       0        0           
    NS  010 01 VOTES                                                            
    PN  001 00 VOTES                         1ST   10 Points                    
    RAD 006 00 VOTES                         2ND    8 Points                    
    RET 012 03 VOTES                         3RD    6 Points                    
    ROD 001 05 VOTES                         4TH    4 Points                    
    SM  006 00 VOTES                         5th    3 Points                    
    SMK 003 06 VOTES                         Enter   2 Points                   
    SP  006 06 VOTES                                                            
    SPH 001 00 VOTES                                                            
    TCF 028 41 VOTES                                                            
    TNA 004 02 VOTES                                                            
    TXT 012 04 VOTES                                                            
    UNG 008 32 VOTES                                                            
    ZII 001 00 VOTES                                                            
    ZO  038 02 VOTES                                                            
    ZV  022 00 VOTES                                                            
    B7 ARTISTS  If you go through the 5 B7 packs to date and I ve made          
    a mistake message me  Aaron Frick  and I will correct  Thanks               
                   S  P  A  C  E   I  N  V  A  D  E  R  S                       
                         artpack 05 august 28 2013                              
  BTW  the 100th submission for this release was submitted by none other        
  than BYM  Thank you all for viewing our work    Aaron Frick