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B:\pack\2014\BLOCKTRONICS_1980\ by Filth onBlocktronics

    t    e    x    t    m    o    d    e    t    r    o    n    i    c    s     
  the illustrious keira rathbone   typewriter artist                            
  she kind of does what we kind of do                                           
  except with an actual typewriter on actual paper                              
  can t get any more oldschool than that                                        
          there was supposed to be more to this   months back raddo             
          recommended i check out the sort of thing she does   after            
          a spin around the internet i came to the realization of               
          of how insanely skilled she is at what she does   then i              
          got the idea to do a portrait of her for raddo s board                
          back in the 90 s   a textmode artist drawing a differet               
          kind of textmode artist had a cool theme going for it                 
          the trouble began when i realized that she was way too                
          pretty for my style of doing things   so here s a sort of             
          portrait of a fellow textmode artist you should check out             
          and see why i just stopped where i did                                
               filthy shades of grey    blocktronics    2Ol4