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B:\pack\2014\BLOCKTRONICS_1980\ onBlocktronics

    BLOCKTRONICS                                                    MAY 15      
    1980                                                              2014      
                                         BLOCKTRONICS 1980  THE ARTPACK         
                                      DESINFORMATION FILE   MAY 15 2014         
                     YEAAAH  We are back  dude  Back in time  you know          
     We ve just landed in the 80 s and we know you have been there many         
     times  just like we know you are dude  That s right  we are back in        
     time and we are fucking smart  Bad to the bone BLOCKTRONICS  the           
     fantabulous crew is here to please you once again                          
     We made this special retro back to the past rewind 1980 artpack            
     because the 80 s ruled and made us the poor geek selfish videogame         
     nerds mothafuckers we are now  except for The Creep Fever   he s           
     more like a killer cyborg sent from hell who fell in love with             
     some scene girl that takes photos of herself with wires attached           
      to her body but we are not saying her name because we respect             
     their privacy                                                              
     All the artwork released in this pack was produced by 200 vietnamese       
     kids named GUAN  GUEN and GUIN  held captive at Honolulu by our very       
     loyal member mattmatthew  but we are not mentioning his real name          
     because seems like kid slavery is illegal in Hawaii   Crazy  right         
     Just in case you are thinking  HEY  YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL  MOTHERFUCKERS   
     We are not  dude  We have RaD Man and you never go to jail when you        
     have RaD MaN  period  The only bad thing that can happen to you when       
     you have RaD MaN is your phone bill coming in a box  so keep him away      
     from your phone   and from your wife too  because there s a good chance    
     he will get her pregnant  but that s not bad at all  because you will      
     have a RaD Kid calling you DAD  I KNOW  I KNOW  YOU WOULD LOVE IT  BUT     
     we are not giving you RaD Man   I mean  maybe  if you can pay well         
     like 9 598 990 874 283 023 123 bitcoins  Please send your offers to        
     frick insidehoops net and make sure to include your naked pictures         
     So like we were saying   1980 has a special meaning to all of us  but      
     for Avenging Angel  one of the greatest textmode artists of Bulgaria       
     it was the last time he had sex  so this pack is also dedicated to         
     his last sexual intercourse that happened 34 years ago and only lasted     
     5 seconds  We love you avg  Remember  masturbation is always the answer    
     because you won t find another blind 92 years goat to fuck with again      
     We could go on and write more about our sexual adventures with goats       
     vietcongs and cyborgs but we know                                          
     you are anxious to check all the                                           
     pure mexican artwork we ve created                                         
     to celebrate the best decade ever                                          
     Yours sincerely                                                            
     enz  lek lek lek lek                                                       
     ANSi by enzO                                                               
     Font by Noches                                                             
                                                          www blocktronics org  
                                                      twitter com blocktronics  
                                                     facebook com blocktronics