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B:\pack\2004\TNT-009\ by Zerovision onThe Next Testament

                                                     Hazard 2 Main Menu         
                                               top ten users  m message menu    
                                             a motd           n internode menu  
                                             b bbs list       o oneliners       
                                             c user config    r rumors          
                                             d online games   u user list       
                                             e email menu     w who s online    
                                             f file areas     x xpert toggle    
                                             g logoff         y your stats      
                                             g logoff fast    z system stats    
                                             i internet menu    menu commands   
                                             l last callers                     
    Hazard 2 Door Games                                                         
      1 lord                                                                    
        redraw menu                                                             
      g logoff fast                                                             
      g logoff                                                                  
      q quit to main                                                            
                                                     Hazard 2 File Menu         
                                          retreat a dir     j join conference   
                                          advance a dir     l list files        
                                          new scan config   n new file scan     
                                        a file areas        n multi node menu   
                                        b batch xfers       q quit menu         
                                        d download file     r del edit file     
                                        d dl from user      s search filename   
                                        e show file id diz  t archive cmds      
                                        f find text in diz  u upload file       
                                        g logoff            u upload to user    
                       zV               g logoff fast       v view file         
                                        i information       w who s online      
     Message Menu                                                               
      retreat a sub                                                             
      advance a sub                                                             
      new scan config                                                           
      search text                                                               
      redraw menu                                                               
    a sub listing                                                               
    b browse new scan                                                           
    e email menu                                                                
    f file menu                                                         zV      
    g logoff                                                                    
    g logoff fast                                                               
    i internet menu                                                             
    j change groups                                                             
    n new message scan                                                          
    p post a message                                                            
    q quit to main                                                              
    r read msgs                                                                 
    s msgs to you                                                               
    z loop new scan                                                             
                                            Hazard 2 email menu                 
                                              e write email                     
                                              r read email                      
                                              g logoff                          
                                              g logoff fast                     
                                              q quit menu                       
                                                redraw menu                     
        Timeleft  666 minutes  Command                                          
       user                      from                      date                 
       zeroVision                hell                      9 15 04              
Last Caller Header                                                              
                                                   message area list            
              1          Ansi Scene                                             
              2          BBS Stuff                                              
              3          Games                                                  
              4          Movies                                                 
              5          General Chat                                           
              6          zeroVision Rules                                       
Message Area List                                                               
                                                                     Hazard 2   
Node List header                                                                
Oneliners Header                                                                
                     This is the zv theme for smoke s hazard 2                  
                     I m still working on my requests  Please be patient if     
                     you re expecting something                                 
zeroVision   TNT