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B:\pack\1999\IPH-007\ by inphamilair onInterphaze

ansi   255D                      y                                                    
               s     4  i                                                       
         s                i   ii                                                
    s                     4 i   ii                         logon                
           s S         Ss                                                       
        di i                s                                                   
  ii  d   i i                 i                 ii                              
  i         i                              y        i                           
                                        d P          ii                         
   i                             i               4 b                            
                                       sS i s                                   
              i           s          i   i    i                                 
 i         i                    d    i      s i                                 
  ii    4i i                  d     b      P                                    
                            d      4   g    d                                   
                         d          d  P                 logon shit here        
do you see       T               s  P     ii                                    
what i see                              iii                                     
               iii         s   P          i                                     
    iph98        iii                                                            
retty weird d00d  i know the idea  bout one eye bigger than the other is quite u
sed by other artist  but whatta hell  it looks awefull  kewl                    
  i drew this one while i was installing win98 beta3  now i will remove it      
    not the pic  win98                                                          
hh                              inphamilair summha  98