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B:\pack\2013\BLOCKTRONICS_SPACE_INVADERS\ by Textmode Exorcist onBlocktronics

o   r as t   materi  istic a  mism is concerne   it bel  gs with  he mos       e
ffec  vely r  uted th  gs we h  e  an   erha   nowada   in Eur  e no s  olar    
emains  o unsc  larly t  t he st  l a   ib   a seri  s meani   to it  ther t a f
   conve  ent ha   and ho  ehold u         is  as  n abbre  ated w   of ex  es o
ne  lf   t  nks pr  arily t  th              ic   who  t  ether   th the  ole  C
oper  cus  h   so fa  been                       victo  ous op  nent o  appear  
or whi   Coper  cus conv                              to all  ur sen  s  that  e
  th did  ot sta   stil                              unce t e beli   in the fi t
                                    m    h              tuf        mat   al    w
                                         i              the      est     mph o  
minimalistic ansi artwork by the text   mode exorcist                           
                        ansi inspired   by mattmatthew  both of blocktronics