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B:\pack\2013\BLOCKTRONICS_SPACE_INVADERS\ by Filth onBlocktronics

ansi   50C  francis                                                                   
                          your grannma s a gal                                  
                          that everyone likes                                   
                          she bought you new toys                               
                          and a bright shiny bike                               
                          but lately she hasn t                                 
                          been coming to dinner                                 
                          and the last time you saw her                         
                          she looked so much thinner                            
                          well  your parents they lied                          
                          said  she moved to peru                               
                          but the truth is she died                             
                          and someday you will too                              
                                f i l t h                                       
                                b l   c k                                       
                                t r o n x                                       
                                s u m m r                                       
                                2 k   1 3                                       
                   s   i   x   t    y   s   e   v   i   i   n                   
                         10 years of loving ansi                                
                         ansilove sourceforge net                               
                               by cleaner                                       
                          filth 100  creepytronics