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B:\pack\2013\BLOCKTRONICS_SPACE_INVADERS\ by Filth onBlocktronics

      mad respect to a stylistic group who had more fun than any other          
    rai  splatt  lagomorph  grendel  sir death  torgo  red circle  smokey       
    cheeze  bold  crayOn  magnatop  mighty mouse  agent  77  snoop  dr  brain   
    grindstone  night angel  dieznyik  fury  genocide kitten  3wheat  spear     
    cytral skunk  widowmaker  dark cube  pzyko  hos  tarot  pariah  haji        
    toons xillion  armageddon donut  empty  chalk  pedantik  the ruiner         
    eCLiPSe    1996   1997    the group that never took themselves too          
    seriously   except in the case of taking themselves seriously   they        
    were pretty serious when it came to not taking themselves too seriously     
    but when shit got serious  eclipse was there to not get too seriously       
    serious about serious shit   the shit was serious   seriously   very        
               xoxo ecl    filth srsly    twothousandthirteen