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B:\pack\2013\BLOCKTRONICS_SPACE_INVADERS\ by Filth onBlocktronics

            the end of a triumph is the beginning of a legend                   
                                             made up quote                      
     s     e     n     s     e     t     r     o     n     i     c     s        
absent spinster   aesthetic   ansichrist   argyle   arrogance   avenging angel  
barium   character zero  cleaner   criminal   cyberfreak   cryogenic   drugula  
enzo   fever     fusion   the fix   grymmjack     h7    hexed     human nature  
sodium   indecent   jashin     keetar   klumzee   luminator   m0lo   maruader   
maytag man     mega  trash   noche     orange     pest     pestiferous   plazz  
plowman   portia    proctologist    project x   propane   prowler   prostethis  
rage     rebal   reanimator   retribution   roodolph   ruiner   reznor   scyre  
sephiroth   sinister x   spearfx    tracker 1   tainted x   textorcist   t g p  
trANSIent   two11two   unsane   untamed  useless   ville   vel drome  zerostar  
         zerovision   zhixel   zenophobe                                        
 if i have misspelled any names  and or forgot someone  i apologize             
 so to make up for it  here s an embarassing story about two girls forgetting   
 my name                                                                        
 the setting  RANDOM BAR   RANDOM CITY   RANDOM TIME                            
  me     i m tellin  you yo  both of those girls keep looking at me and         
      doing the cute point n  giggle at me                                      
  friends  yo  you re in dude   go talk to them                                 
i get up and work my way over knowing i m going to say fuck all to these        
gals  and just hope they say something to me   i m just trying to look cool     
in front of my friends   but they know i won t say anything unless the girls    
say something to me   so really i m just a jackass getting up walking and       
most likely walking in a circle then sitting back down   but alas               
 cute girl  1  ehehehe hey                                                      
 cute girl  2  ehehehehe                                                        
 me  HI    AND HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING TONIGHT                                   
  yeah  i m using my outside voice   i guess i figured since there were two     
  of them  i had to talk twice as loud                                          
 cute girl  1  okay  listen     we saw you earlier and you TOTALLY look like    
               this guy from a movie   but we can t think of his real name      
 me  well now  i happen to be a big movie buff   what s the movie               
 cute girl  2  ehehehe  well  ehehehe  you ever see that Howard Stern movie     
 cute girl  1  yeah   ehehehehe    Private Parts                                
 me  heh  well  sure   but i don t remember Brad Pitt in that movie   ehehehe   
 cute girls  1 and  2  ehehehehe    no no    oh    what s his name    we can t  
                       think of his real name  just what they called him in     
                       Private Parts   and we don t wanna say THAT name         
 me  Captain Jack Sparrow   ehehehe                                             
 cute girl  1  ehehehe  no    wrong movie                                       
 me  ah   ehehehehe                                                             
 cute girl  2  m kay  i can t remember   but he was the guy who was trying      
               to stop Howard Stern from broadcasting over the radio station    
 me  oh  uh    i realize who they re talking about  i know his real name too    
               but i too can t remember his characters name   this is where     
               the conversation took a turn for the worse   or so i thought     
 me  you mean Paul Giamatti   him                                               
 cute girl  2  YES   oh  but in the movie he had a name   but Howard Stern      
               called him by a nickname    umm   ehehehehe                      
 me  ehehehe   well  i ll take what i can get   my name is Josh and             
 cute girl  1  PIG VOMIT    EHEHEHEHE     REMEMBER                              
 cute girl  2  ehehehehe    yeah    pig vomit                                   
 me  well  my name is Josh  and uh  i ll see ya around                          
 cute girl  2  oh  ehehehe  sorry    that was the only name we could think      
               of   you don t really look like pig vomit   ehehehe              
 me  ehehehehe   well  uh  i gotta get back to my friends                       
   so i obviously go back to my friends and told them that they thought i       
   looked like Elijah Wood   soon after  we go to depart   as we re walking     
   out i pass the sea beasts and give them a wave hoping they can save this     
   burning ship of an evening                                                   
 me   nod  ladies                                                               
 sea beast  1  see ya  uh   whispers to friend  what s his actual name          
 sea beast  2   whishpers back  ehehehehe    i forgot                           
 sea beasts  1    2  see ya  pig vomit    eheheheheheheheheh                    
and that s how that went   ehehehehe                                            
       100  original ansi tribute by pig vomit of sensetronics 20I3             
quick greet  misfit    who actually tattoos for a living and can probably       
             point out a multitude of things how this tattoo layout is          
             absolutely incorrect       who also is from the same ac i m        
             from   717 nowhere  pennsylvania   whom i may have never           
             met face to face technicaly  but may have shared the same          
             sweat of a sea of punk rock assholes at a punk rock show back      
             in the late 90 s   AMiSH REPREZENT